Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boating out on Geist Resevoir

We are very fortunate to have friends like Bruce here in Indiana. He has graciously taken Trav, the kids, and me out on his boat on several occasions.  The kids just love it, I think almost as much as I do! Well, since the first time we went, both kids tried tubing with us.  Trasan was 4 and Sierra was 2. This year, Trasan thought he was big enough to go alone and thus did. It is a freaky feeling to watch your 5 year old, 100 feet away from you floating on a small tube.  He loves it and uses the hand signals like a pro! "Thumb up" is his most common signal, meaning FASTER!! He enjoys it as long as there aren't a lot of big bumps! Now me on the other hand, am a FREAK! I love it as crazy and wild as can be. I hold on for dear life and just get a rush like no other! Now that I am stronger, I can hold on for quite some time.  Recently, I was on for too long, so Bruce had to break out his insane spin and send me soaring across the water like a pebble being skipped across a lake. Ok, have to admit...that one hurt!! I was done after that! I had bruises that lasted for two weeks and whiplash. I ended up going to the chiro and getting a massage to help with the soarness! Yikes!  But wouldn't have it any other way! What can I say! I love speed! Thus the rollercoaster, waterpark, snowboarding, biking, ziplining, skiing, rollerblading,  off roading, jetskiing, motorcylce attraction, I love it all!! But why is it when my own husband wants a motorcycle, it just seems scary? I am sure we will own a motorcycle one of these days. I am just not ready! 

I tried to post the video of Trasan tubing but I couldn't get it to work. Darn it! I will have to figure out this blogging a bit more.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Triathlon #4

So my 4th triathlon has come and gone. Several of you asked how it went, so here it goes....it was fantastic! Loved it!! It was Sept 21st here in town. The swim was longer than normal, 500m and 10 mile bike ride followed by a 3.1 mile (5K) run.  My total time was 1 hour 10 min and 39 seconds. I was most proud of my run, I accomplished it in 24 min and 19 seconds; a pace of 7 min 48 sec!! That is my personal best! Never did I think I could run under 8 min, let alone after two other events! The swim was mentally challenging and got the best of me. I went to check out the pool before the race and it just seemed ENORMOUS and so many lanes, UP and BACK!! It was actually only 10 lanes in a 50 m pool but it just played mind games with me. I was lined up with a lot of men according to my number and that made me nervous as I looked around and thought, "They got to be better swimmers than me!" So I moved back a bit and raced right behind my friend, Bruce. 
Bruce and I had a bet going giving me 3 min and 45 seconds of a time spread (since I am a GIRL). Well, that proved to be inspiring for me. I got out of the pool right behind him just like we started and I left the transition area before him. Feeling confident that I had a little head start on him.  I knew he was much stronger of a cyclist than I was and sure enough about a mile into it, he came whizzing past me. I think that got to me and I tried my best to just keep going and do all I could. When I came into the transition area to prepare for the run, I saw him about a min ahead of me! Yes!!! I knew at that point it wouldn't be too impossible to keep my spread. So after a quick change of shoes and grabbing my ball cap, I took off running. I felt great, no cramps and legs actually moving fine this time. Usually they feel like jello right after the bike.  I pushed and pushed and about half a mile before the finish line I could see him!! Wooohooo! So I pushed even harder thinking there was some hope to maybe even catch up with him....well, NO but I got close!! Only 9 seconds behind!!! He wasn't too happy, but I was elated!! I was told for the next race I get no SPREAD at all! Truth be told he hadn't been training and I had been. However, the best surprise of the day was that I came in first place for my age division which I believe is 35-39.  That was cool, I got a medal and a bike pump! Yes!! 
 My next big challenge is going to be running a half marathon in May. It is the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and you get to run around the race track. It is a HUGE event with bands and thousands and thousands of people! I think close to 30, 000 people.  But don't quote me on that and don't plan on me placing either. =) Surviving a run that lasts over 2 hours will be an accomplishment in itself.  The bad part is training over the winter. These last few months have been perfect for outdoor training and you won't catch me running in below 30 degree weather or on a treadmill for more than an hour. So we will see how training goes this winter. 
Travis still dreams and talks big about doing a very long bike ride in the summer across Iowa, (Ragbri?). It is a 7 or 8 day event. Hopefully, he will be done with his last class and can start exercising again. I know it is killing him that I have the time and he doesn't.  So if anyone is interested, start saving and riding.  We are going to rent a motorhome and do it up big! Sitter at home for the kids too! 
Knew exercising could be fun, but it just gets better and better! I am loving it! Taking new classes at the YMCA, the latest, Dance Fusion. I have been teaching/subbing a bit more too.  Keeping healthy and strong does wonders for the soul! Start small! 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 14, 2008

Well, I will give this a try and make it like a diary of some sort. I have noticed it is a popular thing to do and my dad and stepmom have started this for their travels. It is a nice way to check in with what is new with each other (especially when it is too late or early to call).  

Here we are in mid September already! I just can't believe it!! We had a fabulous summer in San Diego for a whole month. I got some wonderful girl time on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas while the kids stayed with grandma. Travis was at home in Indy working, the poor guy. He is getting ansy for a vacation. So we decided to not go back to SD this winter and do a family trip somewhere.  It will be hard for me to not be back to San Diego until June of 2009! That will be a year for me!! Fortunately, Fishers is feeling more and more like home with each passing day. We have really settled into the life here and have so many wonderful friends.  I am truly blessed by our move. 

Trasan started kindergarten last month and loves it. He is a little sponge who remembers everything he learns. It is crazy! His new teacher is a doll, very young and energetic.  Like most kids, he loves her and we are happy with her too. I have been in twice to help already and as Trasan tells me, "You are the only one who has come to help so far." Not sure how I should take that! =) We still call him our little turtle, since he does everything at his own SLOW speed. It just drives Travis and me crazy, but hey he is who he is! Funny how it is slow enough to even bug Mr. Slow Travis. =)  He is in tball with his sister and has shown a bit more interest that two years ago, but still not his "thing."  He enjoys swimming much more and is back in lessons too.

Sierra continues to be our princess! She is such a good little helper and wants to do everything her brother does, thus the tball and swim lessons together. She says she is ready for gymnastics now though and not dance again.  She has had no issues with Trasan being in school and just can't wait for her day to be in kindergarten. We did have a horrible fiasco last month with lice in her hair!!! It was just horrible, got close to shaving her! Thank God we didn't have to, but Trasan got shaved! It was right after the mohawk from the Rock Party we had for our birthdays, so no biggie. Her personality differs from Trasan so much, as we find ourselves saying "Oh my goodness!" She is such a handful at times, much more so than Trasan. We had to go into the whole "lying" lesson way earlier than we did with Trasan. She is too smart and catches on quickly though. 

Travis continues to work for Symitar in San Diego and spends his days at home in his office or on the phone with conference calls. He tolerates it but isn't his dream job. He is traveling twice this month for work, TX and NY.  We have started some real estate stuff on the side and hope that in time it will pay off. We purchased an investment property in Ohio for starters. Travis' mom is seriously considering moving out here and keeps telling us to find her a place. 

I continue to spend most of my days with the kids, exercising, or cleaning.  That is pretty much the life of a stay at home mom and I LOVE IT!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!! Ok, maybe with more money! My 4th triathlon is this coming weekend!  I am so proud of how I have stuck to being healthy and strong.  I feel even better than I did in high school. I teach aerobics twice a week, translate for the school district from time to time, and sub for Fit Biz as needed.  Any little extra money helps, and it is fun for me.  I'm still pretty busy with the local Mom's Club and have made many close friends thru it as well as from the YMCA. So that is about it right now! I will try to post once or twice a month as I see fit. Enjoy your last few days of summer!!